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Tess Washington, MD, is excited to bring personalized care to patients from all walks of life! She brings over 20 years of patient care experience to the table!  

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About Tess Washington, MD

Theressia (Tess) L. Washington, MD, MS, FAAFP is a Board-Certified Physician & Surgeon based in Beverly Hills, CA. She simultaneously works as a hospitalist in one of the six states she’s licensed, which allows her to maintain a strong fund of knowledge and management of acute care. As a visionary Dr. Washington has academically embraced the current trends in medicine by becoming certified in Aesthetics, Hormone Replacement Therapy, PRP/Stem Cell Therapy and Physician-Guided Weight Loss Management. She is also very active on social media and hosts an extremely engaging Podcast that discusses current/relevant topics related to Looks-Love-Wealth & Health.
Combining her determination and unwavering work ethic along with her energetic and compassionate personality, Dr. Washington aims to go the extra mile for each and every patient, all while catering to their unique needs and providing a top-notch experience every single time. The primary determinant that sets Dr. Washington apart from other physicians is her focus on the emotional aspect of one’s health. She truly understands the importance of balance between the mind, body and the soul.
When Dr. Washington isn’t immersed in the world of medicine, she enjoys leading a healthy lifestyle, from distance running and extreme sports to cycling and swimming. She also likes to practice Pilates & Yoga, meditate (Oxidative Stress Relief), and read great books. She is even an avid dancer and models during her free-time.
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