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Studies Have Shown Many Services To Have Better Outcomes That Were Performed Virtually As Opposed To An In-Person Clinic Visit.

If you do not have health insurance or cannot pay the fee, you can still get services. Health insurance and billing practices vary by clinic type and may depend on the patient’s age, family size and income.

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Psychotherapy For Crisis
Individual Psychotherapy
Psychiatric Diagnostic Interview Exam
Transitional Care Management Services
Subsequent Nursing Facility Care Services
Subsequent Hospital Care Services
Pharmacological Management
Counseling About Diagnostic and Therapeutic Options
Discussion of Test Results
General Wellness Visit
Heavy Metal Testing
Testing for Sexually Transmitted Disease
Menopause counseling
Testosterone Replacement Therapy
Female Reproductive Health
Family planning
Female Sexual Health Management
Male Sexual Health Management
Cosmetic services
Specialized treatments for skin
Smoking and Vaping Cessation Management
Mental Health Management
Stress management
Virtual Exercise Programs
Medication-Assisted Weightloss Program
Sexually Transmitted Infection Management
Individual and Group Nutrition Therapy
Aging Skin Management
Treatment of Chronic Medical Conditions
Consultant & Coaching Services
Hospital Medicine Consultation
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